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Free Mobile App - iOS & Android devices
  • Fully Access to the system using our Free Mobile App
HTML5 Responsive Design
  • Fully HTML 5 Coding
  • Bootstrap Framework
  • Mobile browsers compatible
  • Fully layout customizable
  • Fully Access to system Smarty Templates so you can fully control over the system layout to make adjustments when needed
  • Fully manageable front end smarty templates within Admin Control Panel
Front-End Layout Skin
  • Fully manageable Front-end layout skins
  • 2 Front-End Layout Skins ready
  • Able to switch Front-End Layout Skin within admin control panel anytime
  • Addable new customized skin to the system
  • Manage all pages in the backend
System Widgets
  • Fully manageable any widgets within admin control panel, shopping cart widget, favorites widget, invoice lookup widget and more
  • Addable new system widgets
System Notification
  • Automatic trigger notification on new system initial configurations, new customer, new orders, new reviews
  • Turn ON/OFF any notification as needed
  • Cron Job Supported for automate features, send appointment reminders, auto delete archives after its expired
System Security
  • Predefined Cross-Site Scripting (XSS), SQL Injection attacked keywords
  • Fully manage trigger attacked keywords
  • Configurable # of abuse before blocking
  • Blacklisted IP Address option
  • Log IP Address of attacked users
  • All users password are encrypted
Media Library
  • Super-fast upload feature with overcome PHP 2MB uploaded size limitation
  • No limit # of media
  • No limit # of galleries
  • Fully manageable uploaded media, resize, thumbnails, watermark, keywords, description and more
  • Auto Resize, Thumbnails and watermark uploaded images and videos (with ffmpeg installed)
  • Imported keyword option for each import batch to separate each upload for easy to look up later
  • Searchable media based on imported keywords, imported date
  • Global Update selected media data such as description, author, media name and more
  • Global Pricing selected media
  • Global apply promotion to selected media
  • Global push (upload) selected media original file to AWS S3 server ( with amazon AWS S3 service)
  • Quick listing media that is not being assigned to any galleries, with base price of $0, never sold, never viewed for easy to manage
  • Duplicated file name warning
  • Easy to add multiple media to any gallery or assign them to multiple galleries as once
  • Batch resize, thumbnails, watermark uploaded media
  • Rotating images, videos (with ffmpeg installed) on the fly
  • Able to attach more media to selected media to allow your customers to view all in slide / or sell them all in one purchase
  • IPTC metadata enable
  • Exif metadata enable
  • Purchased log
  • Quick hide/publish selected media
  • Quick On/Off featured option to selected media
  • Able to email selected media (displayed or origional) to any receivers
  • No limit # of galleries
  • Fully manageable galleries, add, update, remove
  • Quick private any galleries with access code
  • Addable user to private galleries
  • Able to email access code to private users
  • Log access users once they're logged-in the private gallery
  • Able to apply promotion to selected galleries
  • Quick view all media that are currently added to selected gallery
  • Quick remove selected media from gallery
Product Options
  • Fully Configurable Product Options for system
  • No limit # of product options
  • Able to set Product Option Type (Instant Download / Others - e.g. Prints)
  • Able to link Non-linkable Option to Linkable Option (sub options)
  • Able to apply Product Options to selected galleries or all galleries as once
Product Promotions
  • No limit # of product promotions
  • Fully manageable product promotions add, update, remove
  • Able to set Start / End date for promotion
  • Easy to apply selected promotion to any galleries or any media
  • Quick view # of uses for each promotion
Product Review
  • Fully manageable customers' reviews, approve, delete
  • Automatic Approve newly customer review option
  • Publish/Hide any product reviews
  • Enable/Disable Product Review option
  • Configurable Max # of characters allowed for each review
  • Fully manageable customers' orders, delete, view, print, send and more
  • Searchable most of data in customers' orders data, name, email, address, promotion and more
  • Quick view, print, add comments to any order
  • Quick change order's Paid Status, Ship Status
  • Quick update order's shipping information, shipping date, cost and shipping status
  • Able to notify the Shipping Info to customer
  • Configurable notification of the new orders to your email addresses
  • Generate customer orders base on date range to CSV, PDF format
  • Export, print send generated reports
  • Fully configurable system coupons
  • Able to set Coupon Type Shipping / Order
  • Able to set automatic option
  • Able to set Max # of use for each coupon
  • Quick view # of use for each coupon
  • Flexible Coupon Value configuration, fixed amount or percentage
  • Able to set Start / End date
  • Able to apply selected coupon to selected galleries and customers
  • Able to allow / disable multiple coupons being use for each order
  • Fully manageable your customers, add, delete, update
  • Fully configurable customer registration form data fields, adding new data fields or removing one
  • Able to search for customers based on email, name and more
  • Able to sign in as customer to create order on customers behalf
  • Able to enable Google, Facebook Login API options
  • Able to enable Captcha option on registration form
  • Able to enable Email Validation Option on new sign up
  • Able to Suspend/Active any customers as needed
  • Able to email selected customers or all as once
  • Able to add selected customer to Newsletter Mailing List
  • Able to configure auto send out welcome email for newly customers
  • User can subscribe to newsletter from the front end
  • Fully manageable newsletter subscribers
  • Flexible email newsletter to subscribers or all as once
  • Fully manageable calendar
  • Quickly view calendar in Day, Week or Monthly View
  • Quickly schedule an event within calendar view by click on the time slot
  • Quickly schedule an appointment with clients within calendar view by click on the time slot
  • Easy view past or future events / appointments
  • Able to add services to events / appointments scheduling
  • Able to set Business Time for calendar so your customers are only able to schedule appointment within working business time
  • Configurable Calendar Time Slot Interval to work with your business
  • Configurable events / appointments notification, reminder
  • Able to set the Scheduling Advanced Time
  • Fully configurable Tax option
  • Configurable Tax based on Shipping or Billing address option
  • Value Added Tax, included Tax option
  • Disable Tax option
  • Flat, zone and Stamps (USPS) shipping option
  • Flexible USPS extra shipping cost setting
  • Flexible USPS extra weight setting
Payment Gateways
  • Fully configurable any payment gateways
  • Square Up payment gateway
  • PayPal Express Payment gateway
  • AuthorizeNet payment gateway
  • Cash option payment option
CMS ( Contents Management System)
  • Fully manageable contents of the Front End
  • No limit # of static pages
  • No limit # of navigation menu items
  • Quickly access to CSM media files, images, videos
  • TinyMCE editor support
System Banners
  • No limit # of banners
  • Fully manageable banners, update information, add system link
  • Easy to add uploaded media to banner module
  • Able to randomly showing banner or all in slides (if available)
Navigation Menu
  • No limit # of navigation menu items
  • Fully manageable menu items
  • Able to On/Off Menu items on desktop or mobile devices
  • Able to link menu items to get sub menu items
System Label
  • Fully changeable all system data fields' label and text message within the admin control panel
  • No coding knowledge is required to change entire system text or data field label
  • Auto validate incorrect text input
Studio Profile
  • Easy to update your studio profile within control panel within one place
  • Initial notify update studio profile after the installation
  • Able to change site logo
SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Fully SEO ready
  • Configurable SEO options for system module
  • Fully embed Helpdesk in Help module so you can request for support within your admin control panel

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